Original Score for “The Drowning Girls”

I’m teaming up with Rochester’s Lady Parts Theater Company, who asked me to contribute an original score for their upcoming production of “The Drowning Girls”, a haunting and poignant work that recounts the true story of “The Brides in the Bath” who were married and then murdered by the same man. In the play, the three victims…Read More


I write, I sing, I play guitar. My music is a mixture of folksong, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, film score, all jumbled up and filtered through classical conservatory training. My brand new record is called Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane, and you can preview the tunes and my other recordings on this site. If you like what you…Read More

New Scores Available!

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of sheet music for PDF downloads at my online shop, including some of my most requested tunes and yes, Virginia, we DO have Jesus Loves Belinda in TABLATURE!!!!

New CD Available today!

I’m exited to share my brand new full-length album Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane! Click here to download, or read on for more info about the record. Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane is my first full-length collection of all original material. I’ve made a couple strictly classical records, but this project is a messy hodgepodge…Read More