New CD Available today!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Matt Cochran-Cover 1600x1600

I’m exited to share my brand new full-length album Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane!

Click here to download, or read on for more info about the record.

Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane is my first full-length collection of all original material. I’ve made a couple strictly classical records, but this project is a messy hodgepodge of musical influences—American mostly. There’s a string quartet in “Roadside Attraction” and a modified Bluegrass lineup in “Old Chuck Flynn”. I tried to let the songs dictate the arrangements and didn’t worry too much about sticking to one genre or another, which led to some surprising and often rewarding collaborations. Double-bass and mandolin wunderkind Erik Alvar contributed to four tracks, the amazing Coreopsis Wind Quintet sat in on “Cicadas at the Equinox”, Paul Petrucelli added some wonderfully oddball clarinet lines to “Mama is a Big Girl”, and I was fortunate to be able to call on the crack team of Natasha Peliska, Laurel Yu, and Marcos Vives for string parts. These were fun sessions with super-talented musicians, augmented by the remarkable sound engineer Pete Winter, the Man With the Golden Ears. Art design provided yet another inspiring collaboration. I sent the rough tracks to Shauna and Sarah Dodds, and Nancy Bell at Backstage Design Studio in Austin. They came up with some beautiful quirky images that really capture the spirit of the music (they also designed this website…pretty cool, huh?)

The title Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane is a line I lifted from the album’s third track, “Old Chuck Flynn”. The line was originally a throwaway, but as other songs emerged, I began to recognize a few themes that reappear throughout the record. Turns out loss is a big one: missed opportunities, mixed signals, wasted youth…Most of the characters in these songs are lamenting something that either never was, or never could be. At times that makes them funny, other times tragic. I’ll let the listener determine which is which.

Oh, and for the guitar enthusiasts, there are two originals for solo guitar. You can buy the sheet music here.

To download a copy of Vapor Trail from a Paper Plane, click here. If you’re really into iTunes or Amazon, pre-sale copies are available now, and should hit the streets Nov 15. You can stream the full record under the “Listen” tab on this page and on Spotify.

We’re working on a bunch of live dates for Spring and Summer ‘14, some with the whole Vapor Trail Ensemble, some with a string quartet, and a few solo shows. Stay tuned for details. Thank you for listening—your support allows me to make more music!